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What to look out for when renting a bus

Every investment requires great research and renting a bus from a bus rental agency is no different. Renting a bus is an investment in your comfort and efficient travel.


Does the agency have proper licensing?


It’s always best to ensure that all drivers, should you require a coach, is properly licensed. The bus itself also needs to be road-worthy and have the correct licenses to operate in the locations you are planning to visit.


What type of fleets does the company have?


It’s always great to know what kind of fleets are available in order to plan effectively. Some charter buses do have luxury while others have semi or no luxury. It’s also a winning bonus to know the condition and the age of the bus.


Knowing the bus rental company’s safety record and testimonials available.


Ask the Charter bus rental agency about their accident rate and suggested routes for safety reasons. Some companies may prefer shorter routes which are more cost-efficient but also more dangerous. You may also find out if the company has any references. A well-established agency will usually keep a record of references from credible businesses and/or individuals.


Is there any kind of monitoring and training for the driver?


Asking the agency these questions will give you a better understanding of who will be driving you. The driver needs to be polite, punctual and professional. A trusted bus rental company will hire licensed and trained staff.


Does the company have a backup plan?


Nobody hopes for a breakdown, however, it is important to ensure that there is another plan should something like this occur. A contingency plan is comforting, especially if you have a corporate group which need to get to a conference meeting at specific times.


If you are in need of a reputable and affordable bus hire service, be sure to call us and we will be able to supply you with 3 different quotes from 3 different suppliers.